5 Ways to Spot a Motivated Seller

1322718We’ve all seen the term “motivated seller” once or twice.  But is it just a term used for marketing purposes, or do these two words really have a meaning?  For some, “motivated seller” stirs up thoughts of lowball offers and buyers who are looking for “something for nothing.”  But for well-seasoned agents and homebuyers, it means “professional” and “ready to sell.”  If you’re wondering how it’s possible to spot a motivated seller, keep reading.  Luckily, because there are some characteristics that truly motivated sellers all have in common, we can spot one a mile away!

  1. Motivated sellers price their homes aggressively. No, they do not give them away or price them too far under market value.  They know what they have. They know the market, and they price the property in a competitive manner.  When it all comes together smoothly, the buyer gets a great home at a great price, and the seller gets a quick close.
  2. Motivated sellers want to sell their homes quickly.  Let’s face it!  Some sellers just don’t seem that eager to sell.  Maybe they are just testing the waters, so to speak, or maybe they haven’t really thought their plan through.  Whatever the reason, some sellers list their homes, jumping the gun.  And others list and are immediately ready to sign on the dotted line.
  3. Motivated sellers are easy to work with. If you’ve ever gone into contract negotiations with someone who seems determined to dig their heels in at every turn, you will agree that these people probably aren’t that motivated to sell.  You see, motivated sellers work peacefully and professionally alongside their agent, homebuyers, and other parties involved in the process.
  4. Motivated sellers are proactive. This means the seller has done their homework ahead of time, has their home completely ready for showing and selling, and has possibly had a pre-inspection in order to eliminate any surprises or hiccups that may arise.
  5. Motivated sellers work quickly. They don’t drag their feet, causing delay upon delay.  When you’re working with a motivated seller, you’ll find the process moving along swiftly.  Negotiations, appraisals, inspections and other necessities will be crossed off the “to do” list with remarkable ease.

Whether you are looking to work with a motivated seller or become one, we are here for your real estate needs.  Just contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.