Let’s Go Fido! Moving with Pets the Easy Way


Let’s face it, moving is difficult!  As humans, we get stressed out just at the thought of taking on the daunting task.  But let’s not forget our furry friends.  They feel stress too.  Change and uncertainty can leave all of us feeling anxious, and it’s no different for our little four legged roommates.  Here are a few tips to keep your constant companion calm and composed throughout your move.

Give them space – That is, give them their OWN space, a little corner of the world to call their own.  If you begin this during the showing stages, the packing and moving stages will be even less stressful for your pets.  May we suggest dedicating one small room of the house to your pets?  A laundry room or powder bath works perfectly.  A pet/child safety gate can be secured in the doorway allowing home buyer’s to view the room, keeping the pets safe from onlookers and vice versa.  Kenneling the pets in these areas is also a good option, if necessary.  However you choose to do it, just make sure you avoid moving them from room to room.  Stay consistent and make sure they have all their special belongings with them at all times.

Keep them safe – You’ll want to make sure your pets are secure and unable to run out open doors or windows during showings and on moving day.  The above option will also help you in assuring their safety during this time of change.  Hanging up notes to alert contractors that may be coming in and out is a good way to help protect your animals also.  If visitors know about your pets, they are usually happy to cooperate to help you keep them safe.  For added precaution, make sure your pets are always outfitted with collars and identification tags labeled with your current cell phone number.

Spend extra time – Animals can be sensitive to change as well as to our stress and emotions.  Try to spend a little extra quality time with your pet to reassure them and help them feel secure and confident.  Furthermore, keeping them on their regular schedule, when at all possible, can go a long way in keeping them relaxed.

On moving day, if possible, keep them in their own space until you are fully moved into your new home and you can introduce them to their new accommodations.  Of course, this is only possible with moves across town.  For long distance moves, you’ll want to check with your veterinarian for advice on pets that are prone to motion sickness.  And for traveling overnight with your pets, be sure to reserve pet friendly hotels!  If your pet requires a crate while traveling, make sure they are well ventilated and temperature controlled.

With a little luck and a lot of love, you’re move will be a breeze!  And remember, when you need help finding a pet friendly neighborhood, we are here for your real estate needs.  Just contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.

Things to do in the City: West Palm Beach

cityplace-846402_640West Palm Beach has it all!  There’s, arguably, no better place to live or visit!  With a million things to do, it’s difficult to choose just a few.  But we’ll have to try because we just can’t include everything on one list.  So, if you’re looking for some cool ways to spend your free time, these ideas are not, by any means, a comprehensive look at all of your options.  But they will definitely get you on your way…..

Family FunFest at CityPlace

Every 2nd Sunday of the month from October to May, you’ll find families of all ages enjoying this free event.  Located at 700 Rosemary Avenue in West Palm Beach, activities begin at 1:00 pm and close at 4:00 pm.  Bounce houses, games, face painting and dancing are just a few of the festivities.  And, of course, there’s plenty of food and entertainment for the adults as well.  It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  CityPlace is located in the center of Downtown West Palm Beach.  More information on shops and events in the area can be found at http://www.cityplace.com/info/visitorinfo.

West Palm Beach Green Market

Opening day for the 2016/2017 Green Market season is just around the corner.   Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 1st!  Located “Fresh on the Waterfront,” The Green Market is a refreshing way to spend a Saturday morning.  With more than 70 vendors offered, there is something for everyone.  Consumers can shop for local produce, baked goods, flowers and more.  Stroll along the Waterfront, listen to live music, and bring your pets.  The whole family is welcome for breakfast or lunch, and adults 21 and over can even enjoy “all you can drink” mimosas for only $10.   Visit http://wpb.org/greenmarket/

The Alchemist Gastropub & Bar

Now for the adults…..Let’s talk about comfort food!  Offering brunch, lunch, and dinner, something on this “comfort food” menu will hit the spot!  Also an easy place for after dinner cocktails, the atmosphere is inviting and relaxed with a “hip” and “cool” flair.  With an extensive beer and wine list, you’ll want to frequent the place to sample as many of the bar and menu items as possible.  This pub is located at 223 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.  Visit their website at http://www.thealchemistgastropub.com  for a glance at all of their menus, hours, and other information. 

The Blind Monk

The Blind Monk, if nothing else, offers up some pretty distinct ambiance.  The space is well-done and offers an environment that makes you want to linger from morning ‘til midnight.  What else does the Blind Monk offer?  I’m glad you asked!  For breakfast, you can treat yourself to warm biscuits like no other or some delectable Oats and Cream with strawberries or Avocado Toast with a spicy topping.  Later in the day, favorites such as Bacon Kettle Corn, Roasted Cauliflower, and Seared Watermelon Bahn MI can be found gracing the tables of patrons.  And that’s not all!  The Blind Monk offers “Live Tunes Tuesday” featuring talented musicians! And other evenings, events like “Sip & Paint” keep wine taster’s busy painting wine glasses.  Located at 410 Evernia Street, more information can be found online at http://theblindmonk.com.

Palm Beach Dramaworks

Are you ready for a night at the theatre?  Right here in our own neck of the woods, we have our own theatrical venue!  There’s not a bad seat in the house, and each production gets rave reviews from professionals and novices alike.  The theatre usually offers a summer musical, and their regular season runs from October through July.  Located at 201 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, you can find more information on upcoming performances as well as tickets on their website at http://ww.palmbeachdramaworks.org.

Just by looking at this short list of things to do in West Palm Beach, it’s evident that diversity is the key!  As always, if you are looking to find a key to a new home in the near future, please contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.

What Happens at Closing?

Closing sale

If you’re a first time homebuyer, chances are you’ve never been to a closing.  In simple terms, a closing is the scheduled appointment at the end of the home buying process at which time the ownership of the new home is officially and legally transferred from the seller to the buyer.  So what, exactly, happens at these appointments?  Let’s go over the details…..

Where does the closing take place?

More times than not, the closing takes place at the escrow or title company you have chosen to use.  Occasionally, however, a closing takes place in an attorney’s office.

Does the seller and buyer attend the closing together?

No.  Typically, the seller’s appointment is first.  After the seller signs all of the necessary documents transferring ownership to the buyer, the buyer then attends closing to sign.

Who attends the closing?

Usually, in attendance, is the escrow or title agent, the real estate agent, and the home seller or buyer.

What should I bring to closing?

Both the seller and the buyer should bring sufficient identification such as a driver’s license.  The seller should bring any receipts or payments for repairs or closing costs agreed upon during the signing of the initial contract.  The seller should also supply their forwarding address at the time of closing.  The buyer should bring certified funds for the down payment and closing costs or any other funds that may be due at the time of closing.

What does the home seller do at closing?

The seller’s part is usually very quick and easy.  A few signatures to sign over the title from the seller to the purchaser are usually all that’s needed by the time closing arrives.  Hopefully, all that will be left to do is to wait for the buyer’s loan to fund, collect your payment, and be on your way.

What does the home buyer do at closing?

The home buyer’s closing appointment usually takes a little longer, especially if there is a loan to be closed.  There will be initials and signatures galore!  Each buyer will be given their own pen, and the escrow or title agent will explain each document and show you where to sign.  Your certified funds will be collected, your photo identification will be photocopied, and you will be congratulated on owning your new home.  As soon as funding has taken place, you’ll be able to take the keys and begin the moving process!

As always, if you’re in the market for a new home, we would love to help!  Contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.

The School Supplies List: The Parent’s Guide for Preparing for the First Day of School

Portrait of happy schoolkid with backpack and books

It’s that time of year, once again.  To the delight of every parent, and to the disappointment of every child, it’s back to school time!  Before we, as parents, can revel in the peace and quiet generously heaped upon us by the first day of school, we must pay our dues by preparing.  This means planning, organizing and, of course, shopping.  There’s no doubt that you probably already have a school supply list from your child’s school, but we all know there is so much more needed than just the paper and pencil items on the list.  Here’s a little help to get you on your way…..

Planning and Organizing…..

The best laid plans will result in success every time.  Start the schoolyear out right by making a list.  Don’t get distracted by daydreams of lunch out with friends or spending extra time in the Yoga studio.  There will be plenty of time for that later; once you’ve dropped the kids off at the crosswalk and waved happily as you drive away.  Here’s how the planning and organizing stage will go….

  • Brainstorm – Think about everything your student will need during the school day. This includes lunch, extra-curricular activities as well as school sports and clubs.
  • Make a list – This is where the organizing comes in. Make a schedule of classes and activities and all supplies needed for each.
  • Make another list – The second list will be for the actual shopping trip or, if you’re like many, the online shopping trip. Either way, you’ll need to classify items in categories by the store you’ll shop in to find them.
  • Make a schedule – Don’t leave your “to do” list for the last minute. You’ll find the best deals and you won’t have to worry about necessities not being available if you start early.

Time to Shop……

  • Ready, Set, Go! – But not all at once! Break the shopping trip up in to several outings to avoid burn out and back to school shopping irritation.  Similar to the winter holiday shopping experience, stores will be overcrowded with parents all looking for the same things.
  • Shop with your list – You’ve taken the time to get organized and make your list. Don’t leave home without it.  Keep it with you at all times, checking it twice, and marking off items as you put them in your cart.

Before you know it, your alarm clock will ring on the first day of school, and you will be starting off on the right foot.  Because of your well organized preparation and forethought, mornings will flow easily!  Yes, your kiddos will be sitting in perfectly straight rows at their desks.  And for you, the sun will be shining, birds will be chirping, and you will be sipping on your favorite latte at your favorite coffee bar before you can say your ABC’s!

We wish you and yours all of the best throughout the 2016/2017 school year!  And, as always, we are here for your real estate needs.  Just contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.