Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Female hands framing custom bathroom design. Combination drawing and photo.

If you’re preparing to sell your home and you’re trying to decide which bathroom renovations will actually help you out, you’re not alone.  When it comes to the bathroom, it seems like it’s easier to gently close the door and sneak away.  But if you’re serious about selling, you may want to take a quick moment to take a closer look.  The truth is that updating your powder room, bathroom, or your master bath may be a lot simpler than you previously thought.  And there’s absolutely no need to go overboard.  That’s right! Combined, small changes are the ones that can make the biggest difference.  The goal is to get the most “bang for your buck!”  Here’s how….

  • Repaint the old tired walls…. A few coats of new paint can make a huge improvement in the look of your worn-out bathroom. Not only will it magically brighten up the place, your bathroom will appear much fresher and cleaner looking.

Tip: Always go for a neutral or earth tone to appeal to a wider audience.

  • Update your aged cabinet hardware…. Nothing dates a home more than the outdated hardware attached to the cabinets! Brand new knobs and pulls are easy to install and will quickly update the room.

Tip: Try to stay with a classic, timeless style, as trends do come and go very rapidly.

  • Install new light fixtures…. Again, old fixtures can show the age of your home. Without a doubt, this is another project you can fairly easily do on your own.  What’s even easier is that the nearest home improvement store will have a wide variety of brilliant new light fixtures from which you will be able to choose.

Tip:  Lighting in powder rooms should be more subtle, but make sure your full bathrooms are bright and well lit.

  • Update old hardware such as towel bars and toilet paper holders…. New, sturdy hardware will be well shown off over your beautiful newly painted walls. Make sure they are well placed on the walls for sturdiness and accessibility.

Tip:  Your knobs, light fixtures, and hardware don’t necessarily have to match perfectly.  But do make sure they go together and blend well.  Using the same finish for all of the new fixtures will be more pleasing to the eye and is usually the wisest decision.

  • Replace leaking and/or worn taps…. Replacing faucets on sinks and tubs as well as showerheads is also a good idea. These items, surprisingly, make a huge impact on buyers.

Tip:  Spending a little more money on good quality faucets can make a real improvement.

With a little updating, your bathroom can look like a whole new space.  The good news is that in very little time, possibly even less than a weekend, you could have a newly updated powder room or bathroom to show off!

The Best of the Best: Steakhouses

grateUnless you happen to be vegan or vegetarian, chances are you like to darken the door of a good steak house every now and then.  When it comes to these prime restaurants, the competition is steep these days!  This list is, by no means, comprehensive, but we’ve compiled a “must visit” menu for your dining delight! The next time you’re in the mood for a little red meat, try one of these fabulous spots…..

The Flagler Steakhouse – Just inside the doors of the famous Breakers Hotel, you’ll find the Flagler Steakhouse.  Offering an exclusive country club feel and top of the line prime steak, the Flagler also presents you with a panoramic view of the lush green fairway.  Not only does the menu offer Steak au Poivre and Colossal Prime Rib, but delightful entrees such as Rack of Lamb and Broiled Twin Tail Lobster could have you second guessing whether it’s really the steak for which you’ve come!  For more information and reservations, visit their website at

Okeechobee Steakhouse – Since the dawn of time, 1947 to be exact, Okeechobee Steakhouse has been serving customers, and is known to be the perfect classic steakhouse in Palm Beach.  With experience like no other, they know what they are doing, and they do it up right!  With appetizers such as escargot and main dishes such as steak and lobster, you’ll feel like Palm Beach royalty by the time you finish your meal.  After all, rumor has it that the rich and famous have been spotted here from time to time.  Take a look at their menu and get more information at

Raindancer Steakhouse – For a quintessential dining experience, the Raindancer steakhouse is a good choice!  Warm mahogany and warm tones create and inviting, relaxing, and even romantic atmosphere.  In business since 1975, this steakhouse typically makes the “top ten” lists in the area.  The tender Porterhouse steak is said to be among the best.  For direction, reservations, and hours, see

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Yes, we know!  Ruth’s Chris is a chain restaurant, but when it comes to steakhouses, they are hard to beat.  A sizzling steak accompanied with creamed spinach will leave you thinking you’ve died and gone to heaven!  To top it off, the location can’t be beat.  After your five star meal, you can take a leisurely stroll through City Place Shopping Center.  For more information Ruth’s Chris, see

Paint Colors: Bad Choices When Selling Your Home

Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustrationGetting ready to put your home on the market?  You may want to take a long look around at the color on your walls.  Some people are surprised to find that choices they make can actually cost them more than just the expense of a few gallons of paint. And while we all have our personal preferences, it may be time to set them aside when you go to prepare your home for today’s competitive real estate market.

Let’s Talk About Gray

Gray is definitely trending these days.  And it is said to be an unemotional, detached, or neutral color.  So why does it bring such strong emotion for homebuyers?  It seems that people either love it or they hate it, so when it comes to the color gray, you’ll want to choose very carefully!  The wrong color of gray can literally decrease the final sale price of your home, whereas the right color of gray could actually increase the price. tells us that putting slate gray on the dining room walls could cost sellers more than $1,000.  So which color of gray is acceptable?  Well, living room walls which are painted with a light gray could increase the final amount by $1,000.  That’s a pretty hefty savings!

So, What is up With All of the Off-White?

We’ve all been taught to go neutral when staging and marketing our homes for sale.  But since when has off-white become so offensive to prospective buyers?  Surprisingly, the same study that found slate gray to be a “no-no” also found that off-white, especially in the kitchen, can fall flat when it comes to getting top dollar for your property.  If you plan to stay neutral and you have your mind set on a shade of white to pull you through, it may be better to stay on the brighter side of white.

Burnt Orange, Rust, Terracotta?

Whatever you want to call it, you may want to steer clear of it, even if it is your favorite color.  Buyers just find it too bold, that’s all there is to it.   What’s more, Zillow found that homebuyers that chose to keep this dark color on their living rooms walls sold their houses for less than expected.  No matter how much you love this color, now is not the time to be stubborn.  Looking for a good alternative?  A pretty stone, barley, or wheat color can be a great option.

Do Folks Really Frown on Brown?

Yes!  At least they do when it comes to shopping for a new home.  Buyers tend to see it as dirty, especially when the color is used in bedrooms or bathrooms.  You guessed it!  Brown on the walls lowered the final sales price for unsuspecting sellers.  Don’t get caught off guard!  Instead of brown, a creamy yellow or khaki green can actually increase the odds in your favor!  Just remember that neutral doesn’t necessarily mean white.

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