Real Estate Myths, Debunked

Everyone and their cousin has “insider knowledge” of how to work the Real Estate game. Many things accepted as “true” about real estate actually are not. Check out these myths that need to be forgotten:

  • ​All real estate agents are the same – Believing this myth could lead you to work with the wrong Realtor. Agents have different strengths and skills, and you need to find the one that works best for you and for your situation.
  • You get a better deal buying a home through the listing agent — This goes back to the myth above. You want an agent who is working in you the buyer’s interest.
  • Price your home to leave room for negotiation – A well-trained real estate agent will price your house properly rather than playing any games. Believing this myth can cause you to lose out on potential buyers who ignore your higher-priced home.
  • Open Houses sell houses – Open houses can be a good time for a real estate agent to pick up more clients. Open houses have pluses and minuses. Discuss with your agent whether it works for you.
  • Selling a home “For Sale By Owner” saves money – What you could save in commission you will lose in a lower purchase price and potential mistakes because you don’t know the right steps to take. Keep this large financial transaction safe and smooth for yourself by using a pro. Even if you do manage to save any money, you will be working hard for it.

So what’s ALWAYS TRUE? You can rely on Laurie Scherer and the Scherer Team to take care of you and make one of your biggest financial decisions go smoothly.

Why should you work with a Professional Real Estate Team

In this modern Do-It-Yourself world, sometimes people think they can save money by opting out of hiring a professional real estate team. Just as trying to rewire your circuit breaker on your own is a dangerous idea, wading through the waters of real estate transactions is never a good idea for an amateur.

Hiring professionals cost money of course. How is the cost worthwhile?

  • Saves you time.

Do you know how to coordinate a home inspector? Or set up a proper meeting with a title company? Where would you even begin to hire a qualified appraiser? These little chores look easy when the professional real estate team handles them behind the scenes because they do these sorts of things every day all year. For the non-professional, every transaction involves a huge learning curve.

  • Saves you aggravations.

Real estate paperwork is daunting — and confusing. And there is a lot of it. Each state has different regulations as do counties. And a Real Estate professional team will have stayed on top of any recent changes to the laws. Let a pro guide you through the paperwork to ease your stress level, and with their expertise, you can avoid the nighttime sweats wondering whether papers were filled out right.

  • Saves you money.

This is a case where knowledge is money. A real estate professional team knows the market and also has a sense of what the market may do next. A pro also knows how to negotiate and can make sure your paperwork is up to snuff for a mortgage.

Most importantly, a real estate team can keep you from making costly mistakes, whether you are selling or buying.

When you are ready to hire a pro and make a real estate deal happen smoothly, call me at Team Scherer!

Stonebridge Neighborhood Review

What words do you want to describe your next home? How about:

  • Serene,
  • Special,
  • Social,
  • Secure,
  • Satisfying?

If that sounds right for you, come check out Stonebridge Country Club with me. Stonebridge Country Club is an intimate gated residential community with a magnificent clubhouse. Located in Boca Raton with an immaculately groomed golf course and a busy tennis scene, Stonebridge Country Club is just right for the house hunters looking for an active and elegant lifestyle. Large homes, preserve views and an Olympic swimming pool make Stonebridge an attractive place to live.

Interior Design by Sam Rosenberg
Interior Design by Sam Rosenberg

From the 40,000 square foot club house, to the Kipp Schulties’ designed 18-hole championship golf course, to the resort styled swimming pool, Stonebridge Country Club will impress you, even in a town full of gated golf communities. All 398 homes are members of the country club with friendly staff and top notch sport opportunities and activities.

If luxury is where your expectations start, then Stonebridge Country Club will not disappoint you.

I look forward to showing you the scenic views of the golf course and private pools of the houses I can show you. Contact me at  and I hope you can soon be saying Home Sweet Home at Stonebridge. Until then, join me for a video tour of Stonebridge.

See the houses we can show you at Stonebridge here.


Florida Architecture

mint and pink coastal home

South Florida doesn’t look like other places: It’s green all the time. the land is flat and the roads are mostly straight. The architecture here also reflects the different climate and temperate of our area. Here are a few architectural details and features that you will often find in South Florida homes:

  • Bright or pastel paint colors. Like the Caribbean islands, our architecture is competing with flowers and year-round greenery, so the exteriors of houses tend to be painted more lively shades than up north.
  • Large windows and sliding glass doors. Windows in Florida homes let the sunshine in, and in the winter, allow cross breezes to keep the house temperate.
  • Concrete building materials. Old Florida homes of early settlers were made from wood. Over the years, residents realized hurricanes, termites and wood rot made wood less desirable. Now homes are almost always made of concrete block, often covered in stucco.
  • Big screened patios. Residents of Florida live much of their lives in the backyard around the pool.
  • Big attached garages. Without an attic or a basement like northern homes, Floridians need a place to put all their stuff!
  • Open layout and tile floors. Most people in Florida have moved here in the past few decades, so housing designs tend to be modern. Open layouts and tile floors also allow homes to stay cooler.
  • Cabana bathrooms. Easy access from the backyard pool is a priority in South Florida.
  • Coat closets and mud rooms are rare. Who needs them!
  • Storm shutters instead of decorative wooden shutters. After the series of storms in 2005 and 2006, accordion storm shutters became considered less of an eyesore and more of a desirable feature on South Florida homes.
  • Tile roofs. South Florida homes are heavily influenced by Mediterranean architecture, which comes from an equally warm climate. Many Florida homes have the S-tile roofs that are common in Italy and Spain.

Download the Keller Williams Real Estate Search APP today!

kw-appKeller Williams and I are both always looking for ways to make your house hunting and selling experience smoother. Now you can download my new Keller Williams Real Estate Search app to your phone or tablet. This GPS-powered app will ease your searches and keep vital real estate info right at your fingertips – literally!

Try out the Team Scherer real estate app. Here are a few ways it can make your life easier.

  • Find Open Houses. You can plan a whole day of Open House tours after narrowing down your choices by price range and geographic region.
  • Browse our Keller Williams listings with photos and details of houses for sale and for rent in your chosen area. Keep up to date on changing listings, including prices.
  • Quickly and easily contact your Realtor. My new app lets you send a text, send an email, or call me at the touch of a button!
  • Draw a circle on a map right on the screen to limit the area you want to search.
  • Click on points of interest near homes you are considering.
  • Sign up for an account, then you can share listings you find with your family and friends through text or even on Facebook!

Best of all the app is FREE! Click here to find the appropriate download for your device. It is available for Apple or Android products.

Try it out and let me know how well it works for you.

You can learn more about the app from this video on the Scherer Team website.

Home ownership is HOT HOT HOT again!

Real estate is a good investment even in times of slow growth. Of course, the economic downturn a decade ago saw many Americans shy away from home ownership. How much can change in a decade.

This is a great time to snap up a home. Real estate website has stated that, all across the country, the costs of home ownership is cheaper than renting. And, lucky you, South Florida is one of the best values!

The start of this year shows that buyers are finally on board. Per the Wall Street Journal, the number of buyers outpaced renters in the first quarter of 2017. Americans are eager to buy homes again. If you have been feeling cautious or your kids have been holding back before buying their first home, this is the time to start looking.

And if you are looking to sell your home, consider this your alert: the buyers are back!

Why home ownership is a better choice

Buying a home gives you equity in an asset that will appreciate over time. Home ownership protects you against rising rents. And it can give you a valuable tax deduction, in addition to pride of ownership! In the short run, closing costs and other fees associated with purchasing a home can dent your savings. But in the long run, the savings from home ownership will far outstrip continuing to rent.

Contact the Scherer Team to find the right home for you or to make your home available for all those ready buyers out there!



Bellaggio Neighborhood Review

bellaggioCiao! The Italian-inspired neighborhood of Bellagio does the impossible: This premiere active adult neighborhood takes the active part of its description quite seriously. At the same time, the tranquil landscaping and elegant clubhouse evoke the serenity of an Italian vacation. Yes, you never had it so good!

Bellagio is a neighborhood in western Lake Worth, with 560 acres and approximately 1100 homes. While the community bustles with active adults playing tennis, swimming and enjoying entertainment at the clubhouse, the pristine setting with a network of lakes and preserves reminds you that this is a little slice of paradise.

Take a tour with Laurie Scherer that begins at the two stylish graceful manned gatehouses. Visit the 10 lighted tennis courts that include everything from lessons for novices to league play for the enthusiasts. Consider a dip in either the elegant heated outdoor pool or the serene indoor pool at the clubhouse.

Speaking of the 36,000-square-foot clubhouse, Club Bellaggio has a full-time staff to direct the diverse social, recreational and sports activities of the active neighbors and friends who live in the community. The Clubhouse includes a theater, a billiards room, a dance floor and a fitness center. Back outside, you can enjoy yourself at the putting green, shuffleboard courts or bacci courts.

You can’t be bored here. As Laurie says, this is a great place to live, play and work. Join Laurie for a video tour of Bellagio right now!


Current Real Estate Market Shift

Growth Business Chart Background

Is the real estate market shifting? The easy answer is ALWAYS! South Florida has enjoyed a strong seller’s market for awhile, and this is expected to continue… for now. What can cause a shift?

Interest rates are expected to rise.

If interest rates are expected to rise, as they may again, buyers will be motivated to snap up their dream home soon. Once rates rise, some buyers will cool off. For perspective, the average 30 year mortgage rate is 4.3% in early March 2017, compared to 3.73% a year earlier.

New construction is picking up.

More homes is better for buyers. New homes are competition for homeowners looking to sell their home. Construction is definitely heating up all over Florida, but is nowhere near the craziness of the pre-2008 era with new developments popping up in every spare lot.

South Florida is always a hot spot for home buying.

As Baby Boomers continue to retire and crazy March snow continues to aggravate, people will keep moving to Florida and buying real estate. This means that no matter how much new construction or which way the interest rates blow, Florida homes will stay in demand. Contact Team Scherer for more info on how the neighborhood that you want to sell or buy into is doing.

When should I refinance my home?

looking for money, jobYou should refinance when it makes sense for you economically. Ask yourself these questions:

What is my goal?

The variety of reasons to re-finance a mortgage boils down to two different goals: to save money or to take money out of the principle of your house’s value.

If you are looking to lower your monthly mortgage payment or to pay off your mortgage faster, then refinance when mortgage rates are lower than your current mortgage. With a lower interest rate, you can either reduce your overall monthly payment or make the same payment with more of it going to principle and therefore paying off your home faster.

If your goal is to tap your home’s equity, a lower rate is still a good idea. But now your primary criteria is to have enough principal to withdraw. In other words, your home should be worth more than you owe. You will end up with a bigger mortgage but if it is also at a lower rate, your monthly payment may not change too much.

Call Team Scherer to get an idea of the current value of your home to see if refinancing is right for you.

Can I afford the closing costs of a refinance?

Find out the closing costs before you refinance. Examine whether with closing costs if you will be saving money with the lower interest rate. Sometimes it takes a couple years to recoup the costs of refinancing.

How is my credit score?

Refinance is easier when your credit is in good shape. Your credit score needs to be healthy enough for a bank to be willing to take a new gamble on a mortgage with you. If a bank turns you down for refinancing, ask what you can do to improve your score. Try paying bills on time and lowering debt on credit cards for half a year or so to improve your score.

What does refinancing involve?

Refinancing your home mortgage is not something to take lightly. When you refinance, you pay off your existing mortgage (or mortgages) and start a new mortgage. You are essentially buying your house again!

St. Patrick’s Day in Palm Beach County

beautiful-happy-st-patricks-day-background_X19gTM_LCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day…Palm Beach County style!  Trim yourself, from head-to-toe, in all things green and hit the town for some of the surrounding annual Irish celebrations that are sure to bring out the leprechaun in almost anyone.

Blarney Bash in Boynton Beach

This year marks the third annual Blarney Bash!  Entrance to this green themed family-fun celebration is free.  Live music by Celtic Mayhem and Clockwork Knotwork will set the tone, and festivities like balloon artist, bounce houses, a visit from a leprechaun and face painters are sure to keep the kids entertained and happy!  Aranmore Academy of Irish Dance will also be performing their Irish Folk Dance.  For the adults, there will be ample food and craft beer.  The event is located on Ocean Avenue between First Street and Seacrest at the Ocean Avenue Amphitheatre at 129 E. Ocean Avenue.  The celebration begins at 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  For more information, visit

Delray Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

This annual tradition dates all the way back to 1968 when a local pub owner strolled down Atlantic Avenue with a green pig and declared it a parade.  The festival begins March 10th from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the parade is March 11th at noon.  There is also a Fun Run before the parade at 11:00 a.m.   Plan to arrive early for the parade.  Typically, spectators begin lining the streets by 10:00 a.m.  For more detailed information, go to

West Palm Beach St. Patrick’s Day on Clematis Street

On March 17th, adults only can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a block party on Celmatis Street beginning at 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m.!  Food trucks and traditional Irish foods will be offered, and of course plenty of beer!  For more information, visit

Roxy’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

Another adult only party, Roxy’s Rooftop St. Patrick’s Day Party is one of the best if you’re in the mood to unwind and celebrate.  Delicious beverages, great food, and a relaxed environment will do the trick.  For more information, visit Roxy’s on Facebook at

No matter how or where you decide to celebrate St. Patrick’s, we wish you the luck of the Irish!  And, as always, we are here to help you with any of your real estate needs.  Contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.