Credit card

Understanding your credit score

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Everyone has one. Everyone wants a strong one. Those with poor ones suffer. But few understand the mystery behind how it is figured: a credit score. Your credit score is determined by: Payment history – Paying bills on time is the best way to improve your score or keep your score strong. Credit history – […]

pbc spring fun

Spring Fun in Palm Beach County

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You have plenty of options for fun activities this spring in Palm Beach County – from music to art to late-night graveyard tours! If you like festival fun and hot music, you do not want to miss Sun Fest during the first week of May, with art vendors, fireworks and every type of music under […]

Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustration

5 easy ways to transform home

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Bored by your abode? Here are 5 easy and inexpensive (some free!) things you can do to energize your castle. Declutter. Rather than spend money to add new things to your residence, take time to reduce objects instead. Throw out unnecessary papers. Return borrowed items. Donate excess toys, books, knick-knacks and kitchen clutter to charity. […]