Why You WANT to Sell Your House During the Holidays

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Many homeowners are resistant to listing their homes during the holidays.  But this could be a mistake!  Of course, it’s a busy time of year with all that the season adds to our already busy schedule.  However, serious sellers are wise to go ahead and list instead of waiting until after the first of the year.  Why?  The benefits are many!  Here’s just a few….

Fewer Window Shoppers

While most of us are out tackling the “to do list” of entertaining and gift giving, there are a number of serious buyers who need to make a decision or even close on a property before the end of the year.  You’re almost guaranteed that any and every showing booked during this time will be from those who need to move forward quickly.  Others are simply too busy with the holidays to go out and “kick the tires.”  So, if there are buyers out looking during this time, chances are that they are ready to make an offer!

Holiday Homes are Gorgeous!

Decorating and preparing for the holidays is hard work.  Why not showcase the fruits of your labor to a wider audience than your close friends and family?  You’ve spent time creating a show place, so show it off!  Most likely, your home is more inviting, cozy, and appealing during this time.  Not only that, but it probably smells delicious!  You’ve dressed your home up, now open it up to prospective buyers, and show them how their future holidays can look. Don’t forget to light up the exterior.  This will set the tone from the time your visitors pull up in their car and step onto your front walk.

Emotion Plays a HUGE Part!

It’s true; buyers are known to make decisions based solely on their emotions.  There’s no better time of year to take advantage of this well known fact.  As mentioned, the atmosphere you’ve taken time to create will enable buyers to glimpse into their future.  A warm and welcoming environment will often leave buyers wanting to return.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

What Competition?

Taking advantage of the season is something many sellers will simply refuse to do.  This works in your favor, and the reward will be significant.  When there are fewer homes on the market, the seller usually always benefits.  So, if you know you are planning to list your home, don’t wait until everyone else joins the market.  Waiting to do so could cost you!

If you’ve been waiting to list, rethink your decision.  For those willing to add just a little more to their plate during the busiest time of year, the reward could be great.  For more information on preparing your home for the real estate market, contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.

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