Spring cleaning Florida style

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Green Cleaning SuppliesWe all like to joke that Florida has no spring season, just a month of slight winter before jumping right back into a long summer. However, that doesn’t mean spring cleaning is something to skip. Folks up north use spring cleaning to air out their houses and get ready for summer. Here in South Florida, we prepare our houses to be sealed up against the heat and rain of our lengthiest season.

Luckily this year summer is starting later than usual. Get these chores done soon to enjoy your home all summer long:

  • Clean your AC. Schedule some seriously needed AC maintenance. Change out your filter (which hopefully you’ve been doing monthly). Your AC is about to start its busiest season; make sure it is up to the task!
  • Clean out your refrigerator. Perhaps you have had an influx of winter guests from up north. Now is the time to clear out old leftovers and expired items from your kitchen. Wipe down all the shelves and drawers and freshen up the old ice box to hold the fruits and drinks that will keep you refreshed all summer.
  • Tidy up the yard. Summer rains will bring phenomenal growth to the plants in your yard. Use a cooler weekend to weed out dying annual flowers and trim back the bushes and trees.
  • Put away winter clothes. Clean and stow away those sweaters and long-sleeve shirts you’ve been enjoying lately. Put them in a labeled box on a high shelf until next December. Now you have more room for the sundresses and shorts that make up a standard Florida uniform!
  • Wash the windows. Wash the outsides of windows that you can safely reach. Then you will have a clear view of the sunny days ahead!




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