Summer Energy Saving Tips

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ecological concept, symbolizing renewable energy, bio energy
ecological concept, symbolizing renewable energy, bio energy

It is summer in South Florida and your energy bills are rising as fast as the thermometer. Save money and energy by paying attention to the following:

  • Curtains and blinds. Drawing the curtains and closing the blinds is the quickest and easiest way to save on energy in Florida. Block the sun’s rays from getting in your house and you’ve quickly and easily reduced your energy usage. The cost of quality blinds and drapes can pay for themselves with the savings on energy bills. Take note especially of windows facing east in the morning and west in the afternoon.
  • Fans. Ceiling and box fans can be used when you are home as they are designed to move the cooler air and make it feel more comfortable for the people in the house. They don’t actually lower the temperature of the house.
  • Thermostat. When you are not home, bump the thermostat up a couple degrees. If you are not going to work, consider going out and spending time at the library or a movie theater to cool off without spending energy to keep your house cool.
  • Oven. Eat cooler in the hottest months with salads, crockpot meals or grilled food. You save double energy by not using your oven and not adding heat for the air conditioner to combat.
  • Landscaping. This is a long-range solution, yet still one worth working on. Over the years, you can beautify your yard as well as use trees and shrubs to shade your house, lowering your utility usage and bills.


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