6 reasons to love Summer in South Florida

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Summer gets a bad rap in South Florida. Sure, it’s hot and humid, but here in Palm Beach County, there is plenty to love and enjoy.

  1. Fewer people! The seasonal folks scurry back north and many South Floridians go vacation elsewhere. That leaves less crowded highways, less busy restaurants and emptier beaches for the rest of us.
  2. Lower prices! With smaller crowds, you find lower prices. Restaurants offer deals. Museums and theaters offer discounts. Summer residents in South Florida benefit the most.
  3. Slower pace! Fewer people and hotter weather combined with the casual atmosphere of South Florida means less hurry and less worry. Do errands or have fun in the mornings or evenings, and chill in the middle of the day. It’s the tropics, enjoy the pace.
  4. Air conditioning! Of course, modern conveniences have made long summers more tolerable with air conditioned everything! Summers up north are far more difficult because many places are not cool inside. In South Florida, you never have to be out in the sun for long unless you want to be.
  5. Turtle Nesting Season! Something unique to our part of the world is a chance to encounter the magnificent sea turtles who return to our shores each summer to lay their eggs. Participate in a night-time turtle walk to see nature at work. From Hobe Sound Nature Center to John D. MacArthur Park down to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, you have a choice of locations.
  6. Shakespeare by the Sea! This summer, this organization is putting on Love Labor’s Lost. Enjoy an evening picnic and some classic theater by the ocean.



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