7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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This is the year!  The year that you’re finally going to do it!  Get organized, lose weight, get out of debt, the list goes on and on.  But you’re not the only one with a list of goals to check off.  Your home has its own resolutions for the New Year, and you’re just the one to fulfill them.  In fact, you can get in shape together!  Here are 7 ways you can get started….

Organize Your Home…..Let’s face it – it’s time to declutter!  The best way to tackle this task is to create ample space for storage.  This is where you can put your creativity to use!  Now, more than ever, there are storage solutions to every problem space.  Everything from covert furniture, high shelves, and under staircase areas can be used to store your “must keep” belongings.  Of course, if you don’t absolutely need it you must donate or sell it.  You and your home will look and feel better once this step is complete!

Create A Budget…..Not only is budgeting a necessity for a well-run life, it’s also crucial for a well-run home!  An annual budget for maintenance as well as upgrades will prevent financial surprises when major replacements or repairs sneak up.  Think large kitchen appliances, HVAC, roofing, or even new flooring.  These expenses can add up, but you’ll be ready later in the year if you’re proactive from the beginning.

Lose That Extra Baggage…..While you’re busy shedding those extra pounds from the previous year, it’s also a good time to trim down the extra costs your home may be scarfing down.  Trimming energy use will have you feeling more energized, and it’s easier than you may think!  Whether you can do-it-yourself or you need to call in a professional, it will be well worth the time and money to check the HVAC systems and ductwork.  Maintenance of these areas by sealing and insulating them can improve the operation and effectiveness by about 20%.  On an annual basis, this really adds up!

Stop Smoking……Improve the quality of your air, that is!  Poor quality of air is an environmental hazard which negatively affects your overall health.  Get started on this one as quickly as possible, as the issue is even more problematic during the winter months when doors and windows are locked down tight.  Contaminants like pollen, mold spores, dust and even viruses can almost shut down your system.

Improve Family Time….A family that works together, stays together!  But make sure the work is actually fun.  To encourage a win-win relationship between work and fun (and checking off your “to do” list, you may want to think about engaging the whole family in some light hearted chores such as planting a garden.  Too much?  At least consider planting some shrubs or a tree.  Make sure everyone gets involved from the beginning though.  Part of the fun is picking out your new addition, naming it, planting it and, of course, caring for it.

Get Your Drinking Under Control…..Yes, it’s true, your home may be thirsty, but enough is enough!  With around 400 gallons of water a day for the average household, there’s plenty of room for improvement!  Simply installing items such as low-flow showerheads can result in better showering experiences as well as savings.  Low-flow toilets will also prevent unnecessary water from being flushed away!

Exercise!…..There’s benefits in store for both you and your house with this one.  Combining calorie burning with your DIY projects will have you and your home in shape in no time.  After all, doing it yourself can burn more calories than going to the gym!  For instance, painting walls inside your home burns about 135 calories an hour.  Planting shrubs with the family? That will burn about 240 calories per hour!  Cleaning gutters – a whopping 270 calories per hour….again, the list goes on and on!

Again, we, here at The Scherer Team, wish you a Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2017!  Call 888-300-4431 to schedule your complimentary consultation, today.

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