Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Female hands framing custom bathroom design. Combination drawing and photo.

If you’re preparing to sell your home and you’re trying to decide which bathroom renovations will actually help you out, you’re not alone.  When it comes to the bathroom, it seems like it’s easier to gently close the door and sneak away.  But if you’re serious about selling, you may want to take a quick moment to take a closer look.  The truth is that updating your powder room, bathroom, or your master bath may be a lot simpler than you previously thought.  And there’s absolutely no need to go overboard.  That’s right! Combined, small changes are the ones that can make the biggest difference.  The goal is to get the most “bang for your buck!”  Here’s how….

  • Repaint the old tired walls…. A few coats of new paint can make a huge improvement in the look of your worn-out bathroom. Not only will it magically brighten up the place, your bathroom will appear much fresher and cleaner looking.

Tip: Always go for a neutral or earth tone to appeal to a wider audience.

  • Update your aged cabinet hardware…. Nothing dates a home more than the outdated hardware attached to the cabinets! Brand new knobs and pulls are easy to install and will quickly update the room.

Tip: Try to stay with a classic, timeless style, as trends do come and go very rapidly.

  • Install new light fixtures…. Again, old fixtures can show the age of your home. Without a doubt, this is another project you can fairly easily do on your own.  What’s even easier is that the nearest home improvement store will have a wide variety of brilliant new light fixtures from which you will be able to choose.

Tip:  Lighting in powder rooms should be more subtle, but make sure your full bathrooms are bright and well lit.

  • Update old hardware such as towel bars and toilet paper holders…. New, sturdy hardware will be well shown off over your beautiful newly painted walls. Make sure they are well placed on the walls for sturdiness and accessibility.

Tip:  Your knobs, light fixtures, and hardware don’t necessarily have to match perfectly.  But do make sure they go together and blend well.  Using the same finish for all of the new fixtures will be more pleasing to the eye and is usually the wisest decision.

  • Replace leaking and/or worn taps…. Replacing faucets on sinks and tubs as well as showerheads is also a good idea. These items, surprisingly, make a huge impact on buyers.

Tip:  Spending a little more money on good quality faucets can make a real improvement.

With a little updating, your bathroom can look like a whole new space.  The good news is that in very little time, possibly even less than a weekend, you could have a newly updated powder room or bathroom to show off!

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