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Bucket of Popcorn With Movie Tickets“Going to the movies” has come a long way in recent history!  Movie goers of all ages have come to expect much more from their movie experience than their not-so-distant ancestors.  In Palm Beach County alone, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of great places and unique venues to see a movie, and here’s just a few….

IMAX Theatre in West Palm Beach

Ah, yes!  This is the perfect way to spend an afternoon!  No matter what movie you’re seeing, the thunderous sound combined with the rumbling vibration is simply thrilling.  If you have yet to visit an IMAX theatre, you won’t be disappointed.  The picture is amazingly detailed.  For more information, take a look at

Florida Cinépolis Jupiter

Located at The Shoppes at Jupiter, The first of Cinépolis’s hybrid theatres offer two unique concepts.  For an extravagant movie experience, the luxury cinema offers luxurious seats fit for a king along with dining and full bar service options.  The Cinépolis auditorium offers comfortable seating and access to their gourmet menu and bar located in the lobby.  For information and movie times, see

iPic Theatres at Mizner Park

iPic has been busy making a name for itself, and this movie going experience will not disappoint!  You can choose and reserve your seat online, and once you arrive you’ll be escorted to your seat and catered to like none other!  If you enjoy frozen foods that are heated in a microwave, this is not the place for you!  The fresh gourmet entrees and appetizers here will have your inner food critic raving. For information on iPic Theatres, see

Lake Worth Drive-In

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a little nostalgia (or maybe you’re just feeling like a hermit).  Either way, when you find yourself in one of these moods, a visit to Lake Worth Drive-In is in order.  Evening showings at 8:00 and 10:00 will have you enjoying movie night from the comfort of your own car.  No need to get dressed up!  Don your favorite sweats and t-shirt and be done with it….For information, see Yes!  There’s also a swap meet at this location!  See their website for all of the details.

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