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mint and pink coastal home

South Florida doesn’t look like other places: It’s green all the time. the land is flat and the roads are mostly straight. The architecture here also reflects the different climate and temperate of our area. Here are a few architectural details and features that you will often find in South Florida homes:

  • Bright or pastel paint colors. Like the Caribbean islands, our architecture is competing with flowers and year-round greenery, so the exteriors of houses tend to be painted more lively shades than up north.
  • Large windows and sliding glass doors. Windows in Florida homes let the sunshine in, and in the winter, allow cross breezes to keep the house temperate.
  • Concrete building materials. Old Florida homes of early settlers were made from wood. Over the years, residents realized hurricanes, termites and wood rot made wood less desirable. Now homes are almost always made of concrete block, often covered in stucco.
  • Big screened patios. Residents of Florida live much of their lives in the backyard around the pool.
  • Big attached garages. Without an attic or a basement like northern homes, Floridians need a place to put all their stuff!
  • Open layout and tile floors. Most people in Florida have moved here in the past few decades, so housing designs tend to be modern. Open layouts and tile floors also allow homes to stay cooler.
  • Cabana bathrooms. Easy access from the backyard pool is a priority in South Florida.
  • Coat closets and mud rooms are rare. Who needs them!
  • Storm shutters instead of decorative wooden shutters. After the series of storms in 2005 and 2006, accordion storm shutters became considered less of an eyesore and more of a desirable feature on South Florida homes.
  • Tile roofs. South Florida homes are heavily influenced by Mediterranean architecture, which comes from an equally warm climate. Many Florida homes have the S-tile roofs that are common in Italy and Spain.

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