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Haus im Fokus einer LupeFinding out, after it’s too late, that your house is actually worth more than your sell price doesn’t exactly feel great!  Unfortunately, in real estate, this happens all too often.  Of course, there are always willing buyers just waiting to take advantage of the right opportunity.  As a seller, now more than ever, it’s wise to be proactive in order to protect your own best interest.  One of the easiest ways you can avoid this regrettable predicament is to invest in an appraisal before even putting your home on the market.  Here are just a few of the reasons why…..

Property values in your area may be higher than you think!

You may not be aware of the actual values of the homes in your neighborhood or surrounding area.  This may be because houses are not often listed and sold in your area or because property values are rapidly changing.  Comparable sales, at times, are not available to sufficiently determine a home’s actual worth or correct listing price.  Other cases of unknown value may be because of the possible uniqueness of a design or the overall appeal of a certain home, rendering it more difficult to price.  However, an appraiser has “seen it all” and will be able to provide a report with the estimated value along with sales data to confirm the value of any given property.  A good appraiser will track property value trends, and you will reap the rewards!

With a pre-appraisal, you can avoid over pricing!

Over pricing a property is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make.  Over pricing usually leads to a lower sales price in the long run.  Not only that, but homes listed over their value also take longer to sell.  With a pre-appraisal, the guess work is eliminated and you can avoid this costly mistake.

You can use an appraisal to back up your list price to potential buyers!

When buyers see a list price and a professional appraisal to go along with it, they have more peace of mind going into the loan application process.  There’s hardly anything worse, when it comes to buying a home, than being fearful that the appraisal will ruin your deal on the dream home you’ve found.  With a pre-appraisal, buyers can go into the mortgage process with a leg up, knowing that the home they have chosen will appraise for the amount they need to finance.  In turn, this also gives you, the buyer, peace of mind!

Avoid having to deal with hagglers and “low ball” offers!

Unfortunately, nothing can stop low ball offers from coming, but you can do something to slow them down a bit.  Let buyers know, up front, that you have a current appraisal on hand.  This will cut down on the amount of offers from folks just wanting to walk away with a good deal for investment or other purposes.  A pre-appraisal lets them know that you are a serious seller and you know what you’ve got!

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