Tips to Choosing the Right Neighborhood for You

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houses_M1H6_8t_There’s nothing like coming home at the end of the day to your very own home-sweet-home.  Upon turning into your neighborhood, flowers begin to bloom, birds begin to chirp, and the laughter of children can be heard in the distance.  A permanent rainbow seems to be hovering overhead and, neighbors out visiting with one another smile and wave as you pass.  Ah, yes…’ve chosen the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect town.  Life couldn’t be better.

Okay, so maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration.  But there is a little truth in there somewhere.  The neighborhood in which you choose to buy your home can be a big deal.  It can make the difference in whether you are truly happy in your new residence.  So, let’s go over a few tips to assist you in making the choice and avoid making a mistake.

First of all, make a “lifestyle list” and prioritize.  Start with the most important qualities and work your way down.  Here are some of the items you may want to consider when composing your list…..


If you have children, this is a biggie!  Oftentimes, finding a home in one particular school district is the single most important goal for parents.  In this case, the choices are narrowed down right off the bat.


The perfect home in the perfect neighborhood can sometimes become a source of contention if you have a long and exhausting commute.  Decide, ahead of time, how far you are willing to travel to work, and stick with your decision.

Restaurants, Shopping, Cultural, and Entertainment

Consider all of the places that you frequent.  Choosing a neighborhood in close proximity to your favorite grocery store or athletic club will save you time and money.  If you spend your free time visiting art museums and libraries, a neighborhood with a more urban feel that is close to these types of businesses may suit you well.


If you or any of your family members use transportation other than a personal vehicle, you may want to search for homes in neighborhoods close to public transportation services or with bicycle routes.


Neighborhood Amenities

Many neighborhoods have clubhouses, tennis courts, swimming pools, or golf courses.  If you enjoy an active lifestyle, chances are that a neighborhood with these perks will be filled with folks like yourself.


Let’s face it; some areas are more congested than others.  If the noise from traffic is something you can’t live with, again, decide now.  Traffic tends to get worse in highly congested areas, not better!

Home Owner’s Associations

Nowadays most neighborhoods have them, and most people want to live in these neighborhoods.  But, some do not.  Either way, do some research on the HOA in the neighborhoods you are considering.

A few other points to consider….

*Property values

*Crime rate

*Airports for easy traveling

For help with finding the ideal neighborhood and home for you and your family, contact the Scherer Team at 888-300-4431.


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