Why should you work with a Professional Real Estate Team

In this modern Do-It-Yourself world, sometimes people think they can save money by opting out of hiring a professional real estate team. Just as trying to rewire your circuit breaker on your own is a dangerous idea, wading through the waters of real estate transactions is never a good idea for an amateur.

Hiring professionals cost money of course. How is the cost worthwhile?

  • Saves you time.

Do you know how to coordinate a home inspector? Or set up a proper meeting with a title company? Where would you even begin to hire a qualified appraiser? These little chores look easy when the professional real estate team handles them behind the scenes because they do these sorts of things every day all year. For the non-professional, every transaction involves a huge learning curve.

  • Saves you aggravations.

Real estate paperwork is daunting — and confusing. And there is a lot of it. Each state has different regulations as do counties. And a Real Estate professional team will have stayed on top of any recent changes to the laws. Let a pro guide you through the paperwork to ease your stress level, and with their expertise, you can avoid the nighttime sweats wondering whether papers were filled out right.

  • Saves you money.

This is a case where knowledge is money. A real estate professional team knows the market and also has a sense of what the market may do next. A pro also knows how to negotiate and can make sure your paperwork is up to snuff for a mortgage.

Most importantly, a real estate team can keep you from making costly mistakes, whether you are selling or buying.

When you are ready to hire a pro and make a real estate deal happen smoothly, call me at Team Scherer!

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