5 easy ways to transform home

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paint improvementsBored by your abode? Here are 5 easy and inexpensive (some free!) things you can do to energize your castle.

  1. Declutter. Rather than spend money to add new things to your residence, take time to reduce objects instead. Throw out unnecessary papers. Return borrowed items. Donate excess toys, books, knick-knacks and kitchen clutter to charity. Your home and your spirit will feel lighter.
  2. Rearrange. Another no-expense option is to rearrange the furniture and artwork you already own. Don’t let routine get you into a rut. Change the position of the couch and easy chair in the family room. Move book shelves to an opposite wall, and rearrange the books and objects on them. Swap artwork from one room to another. You’ll see beloved objects in a new way and transform your home at the same time.
  3. Freshen up. If you want to spend a little money, your best deal is paint. Consider changing the color of a room or a piece of furniture. A fresh shot of color or even a clean blank slate will make any space feel new again.
  4. Add Spring. April is the wrong time to plant flowers outside in South Florida, so instead purchase a flowering plant for inside your home. This will last longer than cut flowers anyway and bring a feeling of spring to your house.
  5. Focus on foyer. If money and time are limited, focus only on the entrance of your home. Get more effect for your effort by having that fresh paint or decluttered shelves be the first thing you and guests see as you walk in. That transformative feeling will make its impact right away.

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